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SEMA Show 2011 - Event

Site Las Vegas, NV

By Peter Tarach & Nate Hassler

We can all breathe a sigh of relief because the 2011 SEMA Show brought back some much-needed confidence (and enthusiasm) to the aftermarket industry. Compared to years past, the show had more vendors and foot traffic, signaling an upbeat revival of sorts. Despite the overall uptick, the tuner side of the show seemed somewhat lacking. There weren’t as many EVOs, STIs, 370Zs or even GT-Rs as we had hoped, although the quality of the few on display were top notch, and we’ll take quality over quantity any day.

The big three — GM, Ford and Chrysler — had a very large presence, occupying plenty of showroom floor real estate while Subaru, Honda, Hyundai and Scion represented well with some equally impressive show vehicles. It’s clear that both the new Camaro and Mustang were getting all the attention, and you can’t fault that because the foreign auto manufacturers have yet to bring cars of equal thoroughbred to the market. We’re looking at you, Honda and Toyota — it’s about time you got back into the sports car game.

On the parts side, it’s always sensory overload with more new products at the show than we can keep track of. Thankfully, we had our note pads and cameras in full effect and compiled an extensive list of the best parts from the show. You won’t find too much show car coverage because you can go get that online or in other magazines, but we guarantee you won’t find a better source for new products at SEMA than us.

By Peter Tarach & Nate Hassler
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