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Cadillac's Bad, Bad CTS-V

It's about the same size as an Infiniti G35, but is the Cadillac CTS really SCC material? Hmmm... Even when it has the 400-hp LS-6 5.7-liter, OHV V8 from Chevy's Corvette under its hood?

At April's New York Auto Show Cadillac finally unveiled the production version of the 2004 CTS V-Spec that wedges in the Corvette's big lump of aluminum under the angular Caddy's sharply creased hood. Not only will this be most powerful production car Cadillac has yet built, but it's also the only Cadillac available exclusively with a manual transmission--in this case, a version of the T56 six-speed also used in the Dodge Viper. Of course there are also big Brembo brakes aboard, the suspension is squashed and tightened, and those are 18-inch wheels with P245/45WR-18 Goodyear EMT tires standard.

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