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2005 Nismo Nissan Skyline GT-R Z-Tune - All-Wheel Drive King

Nismo R34 GT-R Z-Tune

Tear that McLaren poster off your wall. And the Enzo lithograph. And the Porsche calendar. Strip the Speed Racer sheets off your twin, mama's boy. There's a new king in town. BMW likes to think it makes "the ultimate driving machine," but NISMO, even more brazenly, titled its R34 GT-R Z-tune the "ultimate road-going car in the world."

Using the quarter-mile dash as a partial indicator, NISMO might be right. It's probably the quickest. Chat room disciples, you may proceed to whip each other into a foaming, flaming frenzy. Ah, you say, what about the Enzo? Slow. The McLaren F1? Fancy pants Hyundai Excel. Saleen S7R Twin Turbo, quickest car on the planet? Turdlike. If numbers whispered by NISMO staff in the halls of the Tokyo Auto Salon are to be believed, the Z-tune ran 0-400 meters (a little shorter than a quarter mile) in 10.06 seconds during development. That's more than 6/10 of a second faster than any production car ever tested. And this is no drag car.

NISMO is handcrafting 20 Z-tune GT-Rs to mark the 20th anniversary of the birthdate of Nissan's racing arm. Ah, you argue, Nissan hasn't made the GT-R since 2003. That's true. The 20 very lucky and rich people whom we want to say bad things about are actually buying used GT-Rs. NISMO bought used GT-R V-Specs, each with less than 18K miles on the clock, and stripped them to bare shells.

The Z-tune is built at the NISMO facility by the same NISMO engineers who sculpt the factory racecars, using the same techniques, the same tools and the same expertise. To build an all-conquering Skyline GT-R is no challenge to NISMO engineers, but building one that is truly a street car presents a challenge: total supremacy, taking into account emissions, crash friendliness, potholes, rain, hot days and traffic.

At $170K each, the Z-tune is a tremendous bargain. In addition to it being a hand-built, obsessively finished and technologically saturated supercar, you get absolute exclusivity and rarified performance-for less than the cost of the cheapest Ferrari. If Nissan's PR flacks wanted a means of reinjecting "GT-R" into our brains to build toward the upcoming launch of the R35 GT-R, they have succeeded.

2005 Nismo Skyline GT-R Z-tuneEstimated Price: $170,000

ChassisChassis Code: BNR34Curb Weight: 3,528 lbs

EngineEngine Code: RB26DETTType: Inline six, iron block and aluminum headInternal Modifications: 2.8-liter GT500 block, GT500-spec stroker crank, GT500-spec chrome-moly connecting rods, forged 8.5:1 pistons, Z2-spec camshafts, ported, polished and port matched head, metal headgasketExternal Modifications: GT-spec cast intake manifold, IHI ball-bearing turbochargers, modified exhaust manifold, baffled oil pan, stainless-steel downpipes, titanium exhaust systemEngine Management Modifications: NISMO Z2-spec ECU, high-flow fuel pump, 1000 cc/min injectorsValvetrain: DOHC, four valves per cylinderDisplacement: 2771ccBore x Stroke: 87.9mm x 77.1mmCompression Ratio: 8.5:1Claimed Crank Hp: 500 hp @ 6800 rpmClaimed Crank Torque: 400 lb-ft @ 5200 rpmRedline: 8000 rpm

DrivetrainLayout: Longitudinal front engine, all-wheel driveDrivetrain Modifications: NISMO Coppermix twin-disc clutch, carbon-fiber driveshaft, reworked ATTESA ET-S programming Transmission: Six-speed manualGear Ratios 1st: 3.827:12nd: 2.360:13rd: 1.685:14th: 1.312:15th: 1.000:16th: 0.793:1Final drive: 3.545:1Differentials: Mechanical limited-slip differential (F), ATTESA ET-S-controllled active torque-sensing differential (C), ET-S-controlled active electronic differential (R)

SuspensionFront: Sachs triple-adjustable coil-overs, larger anti-roll bar, increased durometer rubber bushings Rear: Sachs triple-adjustable coil-overs, larger anti-roll bar, increased durometer rubber bushings, adjustable rear toe and camber links

BrakesFront: 14.3-in. two-piece rotors, Brembo six-piston monoblock calipersRear: 13.9-in. KIRYU rotors, Brembo four-piston forged calipers

Wheels And TiresWheels: 18x9.5 forged aluminum Rays LM GT4, +5mm offsetTires: 265/35-18 Bridgestone RE55s or RE01Rs

ExteriorDry carbon-fiber hood, bumper, fenders, splitter, belly pan and wing, ABS sideskirts, FRP rear fender flares and diffuser, special silver paint (KYO)

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