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Mitsubishi Evo VIII MR - Four Days To Glory

By David Pratte, Photography by , David Pratte

Ever wonder what it takes to build a dominant Time Attack machine? Obviously it helps if you start with the right car, one that has a stiff chassis, tons of power potential, a drivetrain capable of transferring as much power to the ground as possible, and suspension geometry well suited to sudden changes in trajectory. Choosing a Mitsubishi EVO VIII or IX wouldn’t be a bad way to go. Just look at how fast the CyberEVO is, for example. But can you build a class and overall event-winning Time Attack EVO in just four days? Impossible! Or is it... Having formerly been a muscle car drag racer, in late 1989 David Buschur spotted a black 1990 Eagle Talon TSi at a local dealership. Impressed by the technology and style of this DSM pocket rocket, a few days later his ’85 Monte Carlo SS was gone and in its place was the black AWD turbocharged Talon that so unexpectedly captured his imagination. Who would have guessed that this new acquisition would mark the beginning of what has been an 18-year adventure in building Buschur Racing and some of the fastest and most powerful 4G63-powered DSMs in the world, from their ground-breaking ’91 Talon drag car to their latest creation, this very well-endowed ‘Magnum’ EVO VIII MR Time Attack beast. To fully understand what makes Buschur’s Time Attack EVO so special, you need to know a little more about David Buschur and the road he traveled while building Buschur Racing into the world-class DSM and Mitsubishi tuner it is today.

After taking his brand new ’90 Talon to the track for the first time and running a 15.11 when his Monte Carlo SS could only muster a 15.35, he knew he was onto something. Working at a steel mill at the time, Buschur’s involvement in drag racing and DSM tuning was purely out of a desire to go faster. It wasn’t long until his ’91 black cherry Talon drag car known by many in the scene as “4Bangr” was running in the 11s, thanks to the hard parts Buschur developed for it, from the gauge mounts that got it all started to intercooler pipes, downpipes, offroad pipes, and port work for the turbo, manifolds, and O2 housing. The faster “4bangr” went the more demand there was for his products and before he knew it Buschur was running his own go-fast business while still holding down a full-time job at the mill. As the Pied Piper of 4G63 performance through these early years of DSM drag racing, in ‘93 Buschur hosted what he considers the first of his now legendary Shoot-Out events. You might even say that this event was the coming-out party for what is now Buschur Racing, a family-run business that started in his basement and grew into the family-owned and operated multi-building facility that it is today, including a large 6-car service shop, dyno building, showroom, fabrication and shipping rooms, and a ‘clean room’ for engine assembly.

With the end of the Diamond Star Motors joint venture between Mitsubishi and Chrysler in 1995 and the neutering of the beloved Eclipse into a 6-cylinder touring car in 2000, Buschur Racing shifted their focus in 2003 to the mighty EVO VIII platform and its familiar 4G63 powerplant. And having already established their credentials as leaders in the DSM drag world, it was time for a new challenge at Buschur Racing, which is what gave birth to the broad shouldered ‘Magnum’ EVO VIII MR you’re now looking at. Why the nickname ‘Magnum’? As Buschur says, “when you need rubber this big, only Magnum could possibly cover it”.

The massive 315/35-18 Hoosier R6’s may not prevent the transmission of STDs, but they sure as hell provide a motherload of grip! Mounted on gloss black Enkei NT03+M 18 x 10.5-inch wheels and tucked just inside the muscular APR widebody fenders, the Buschur Magnum EVO definitely has the kind of girth to make Peter North proud (or very sore). Prior to its Time Attack pornstar transformation at the hands of Buschur Racing, this EVO was actually a failed magazine project car turned SCCA T2-class racer. So when it arrived at Buschur’s shop, it already had a complete roll cage in it. They immediately sent it out to Rapid Autobody for the APR widebody installation with RobiSpec 10-lbs carbon fiber hood and 4-lbs carbon fiber trunk and paint work to hide all the lightweight goodies, at which point the Buschur boys spent just four days converting this MR from mild mannered T2 racer to a Time Attack fire-breathing monster that won its class and the overall title at its first event (see our Redline Time Attack coverage in the Sept. ’06 issue).

By David Pratte
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