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Sport Compact Car Terms & Phrases - Information

99 More Things You Need To Know

51) Floating Calipers - brake calipers which have pistons only on one side and a sliding (hence "floating") outer body. Typically heavier than non-floating calipers.

52) Subaru - in japanese, 'subaru' means 'pleiades', a collection of tiny stars. Subaru is owned by fuji heavy industries, which is a conglomerate of five diverse companies combined in 1953. This is why the subaru emblem has five stars, one for each leg of the parent company. Also known as the maker of the brat.

53) 13b - mazda's 2.6-liter (no letters, please) rotary engine in various incarnations, normally aspirated and turbocharged, from 1984 to today

54) RB25det - single-turbo 2.5-liter inline-six used in non-gt-r skylines

55) STi - subaru technica international; subaru's in-house tuning arm

56) DCCD - driver controlled center differential

57) Ej25 - subaru's 2.5-liter horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine found in the impreza rs in normally aspirated form and in the wrx sti in turbocharged guise

58) spring Rate - how many pounds of boing you get for a given amount of squish

59) SR20de - nissan's 2.0-liter, all-aluminum four cylinder used in countless se-rs, g20s and nx2000s

60) V Spec - top-of-the-line skyline gt-r; big power, small production numbers

61) 1.0g - the acceleration due to gravity, or how rapidly an object will accelerate in a freefall (9.8 meters per second squared). If you're cornering at 1.0g, you're being accelerated sideways to the same degree that the earth is pulling downward on you.

62) sleeper - looks slow, goes fast

63) quarter-Shaft - go drag racing a few times with a lot of power and sticky tires. Your halfshafts might turn into these.

64) "The Fast And The Furious" - the slow and the silly

65) downpipe - the portion of the exhaust system that bolts to the turbine housing of a turbocharged vehicle.

66) D.O.T. - department of transportation

67) 5.0 - ford's nickname for its 4.9-liter pushrod v8. The term "5.0" sounds cooler than "4.9" because everyone knows bigger is better.

68) hybrid - a car with a non-stock engine swapped into it

69) Time Attack - one lap determines it all, make it count

70) Si - until the type-r came along, this was honda's moniker for its full-zoot models. Originally stood for sequential injection

71) Greddy - aftermarket parts maker. Its name is derived from "great" and "eddy," as in swirling water. Riiight.

72) Hks - hasegawa and kitagawa got a cash injection from sigma automotive and combined the initials to form aftermarket parts juggernaut hks

73) .500 - a perfect reaction time. On the christmas tree, this is the amount of time between the lighting of the last amber light and the green light.

74) R-Compound - the stickiest street-legal tires you can buy

75) sick - bitchin'

76) three-Angle Valve Job - machining the valve seats at 30-, 45-, and 60-degree angles to smooth the transition from the intake port to the combustion chamber

77) WRC - World rally championship

78) USCC- ultimate street car challenge; sport compact car magazine's comprehensive no-holds-barred annual competition to separate the sick from the squids

79) 2jz - 3.0-liter dohc inline-six found in the toyota supra and lexus is300

80) Macpherson Struts - a very packaging-friendly suspension geometry comprised of a strut (spring and damper assembly) and a lower control arm

81) JGTC - japan grand touring championship

82) dyno Queen - big horsepower, but can't put it to use due to lack of traction, overheating, abrupt power delivery and general sloppiness

83) squid - an individual with very few redeeming qualities; a suckbag

84) blown - equipped with forced induction, usully a supercharger. Also, the catastrophic end result of what can happen to an engine if it is improperly equipped with forced induction

85) shallow Stage - drag racing technique of staging such that the stage beam is barely tripped by the front tires. This technique allows slightly lower e.t.s since the run does not officially begin until the stage beam reconnects a foot later. In essence, shallow staging allows fractionally more acceleration before the run officially starts.

86) power-To-Weight - ratio of grunt to flab

87) nitrous Oxide - oxygen-rich gas sprayed into the intake manifold to provide more power. It works by dissociating into nitrogen and oxygen during the heat of combustion. The then-liberated oxygen marries up to fuel-of which you remembered to also inject additional amounts-to provide more bang.

88) +1 - an increase in wheel diameter of 1 inch over stock

89) +2 - an increase in wheel diameter of 2 inches over stock

90) K&N - popular manufacturer of air intake filters, originally for motorcycles in 1967, now supplying air filters for 80 percent of the world's off-road vehicles. Named for founders kenjohnson and norm mcdonald

91) Edel Brock - after developing go-fast parts for his 1932 ford, vic edelbrock began designing and building intake manifolds and heads for flathead fords. After decades of hot-rods and musclecars, edelbrock is venturing into honda territory with a d16 civic turbo kit.

92) Eibach - named by founder heinrich eibach, this a german coil spring manufacturer whose product line spans applications from ballpoint pens to helicoils to cars to screw conveyers.

93) SCC - sport compact car magazine

94) Mugen - f1 engine builder associated with honda. Officially, mugen and honda are independent entities; honda does not supply any financial support for the formula 1 engines, though there is considerable technical assistance. Mugen is owned and run by hirotoshi honda (son of honda founder, soichiro honda) who has been the major shareholder in honda since soichiro's death. Mugen means "unlimited" in japanese.

95) heads-Up - impromptu drag racing. Neither car gets a head start

96) DSM - diamond star motors; generally accepted acronym for the joint venture established by mitsubishi ("diamond") and chrysler ("star") in the production of the eagle talon, plymouth laser and mitsubishi eclipse triplets

97) puss - what you are if you're afraid to race heads-up against my blown ej25

98) shaved - tires with the tread partially cut off to minimize squirm and reduce chunking

99) body-In-White - technical expression for a vehicle's chassis; what everything gets bolted to

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