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How Do Modern All-Wheel-Drive Dynos Compare?

By Evan Griffey, Photography by Evan Griffey

All too often, ego is the driving force for those who strap their ride down on the rollers. Dynos are not about bragging rights, they're tools used to optimize the engine's performance and verify the effectiveness of parts that are added to the mix. Like a piece of lab equipment, the dyno allows precise monitoring of vital operating parameters to ensure proper air-fuel ratios and ignition timing.

No matter what you do, variables are in play. The dyno operator can unknowingly affect the outcome. The abruptness of initial throttle input, how the dyno applies and ramps up resistance, and the gear used in our EVO can all affect how high the boost will spike, which in turn impacts how much it falls off later in the run. Our manual boost controller may also play a role in the run-to-run boost variance.

There is no right or wrong, no winners or losers to be named. The bottom line is to find a good tuner and use the same dyno as your project progresses. If you change dynos, re-baseline your car and focus on the improvements from that point on-not on the numeric differences between the dynos. The power number is not critical, it's the realized gains that are the pearl in the oyster.

Control Group Dyno
Our test car was flash-tuned by English Racing about two weeks before the dash. It was a hot, sunny day compared to the rainy dash day. To illustrate the variation from Dynojet to Dynojet, the last tuning run of the session is presented here with both SAE and STD correction factors.

English Racing

Dyno: Dynojet
Model: 424 LC
Type: Eddy current
Age: 1 month
Purchased: New
Software: WinPEP7
Options: Linx system that physically joins both rollers to better simulate load
SAE Run: 315.9
STD Run: 324.0
Test gear: Third

Dyno Dash Round-up (SAE J1349)
Fame Mustang 292.7
Pina Dyno Dynamics 318.6
Drift-Office Dynojet 312.5
Speed Factory Dynapack 324.4
English Racing Dynojet 315.9
4040 Auburn Way North
Suite 6
WA  98002
Pina Motorsports
7405 S. 212th St.
Suite 123
WA  98032
English Racing
SpeedFactory Tuning & Race Fabrication
2207 70th Ave W
WA  98466
Fame Automotive/Dyno Authority
18014 Redmond Way
WA  98052
By Evan Griffey
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